Avermann AVOS 1211

The AVOS 1211 is a fully-automatic horizontal baler and operates according to Avermann’s ‘cutting edge‘ principle. To quote Avermann ‘in this type of operation, the cutting knife is brought on the upper side of the press ram. Counter knives are also fitted within the machine framework. The waste material is put into the feeding chute of the press and is inserted into the channel by means of a press-ram. Any material that projects beyond the press-ram is cut out with two knives.

Should the press-ram fail to shear any pre-compressed material, a free rammer is automatically activated, which presses the material downwards in front of the counter-knife. In the next step, a compression stoke follows. As soon as the bale reaches the pre-set size, it is automatically strapped with a wire. The number of wires depends on the type of machine’.